KantanMT connector allows Okapi users to leverage secure, professional machine translation

VistaTEC announced the release of the KantanMT connector for the Okapi Framework on November 11th 2015. Developed in partnership with Spartan Software, the KantanMT connector allows users of the Okapi Framework to leverage professional-quality machine translation from KantanMT when creating localization kits. VistaTEC has generously made this solution available through open source.

KantanMT provides professional machine translation in a commercial SAAS. This cloud-based approach allows customers to implement machine translation with a much lower IT burden and cost of ownership. KantanMT also allows users to create, train, and monitor their own private MT engines. This offers flexibility to businesses that prefer to keep their translations and training data private, as opposed to loading it into public repositories.

The KantanMT connector for the Okapi Framework is the latest addition to Okapi’s growing library of open source connectors, and it represents an important step forward for users seeking to implement or simplify workflows for machine translation and post editing. The combination of KantanMT and Okapi will make it possible for more organizations to take advantage of high-quality machine translation and CAT functionality through a simpler, more cost-effective infrastructure.

Information on the connector and API can be found on the Okapi wiki and in the Okapi repository.

If you would like support integrating Okapi and KantanMT into your organization, please contact Spartan Software.