Where the Customer Experience Begins

We have all heard on occasion “Customer First” as the calling card of every service company. There are virtually hundreds of slogans out on LinkedIn and Twitter “Customer Focused”, “Customer Centric”, and “Customer Advocacy” just to name a few. These words are sometimes thrown out so often that there is little impact beyond saying them.

But where does “Customer First” really begin? Does it begin during the sales cycle? Or perhaps during the discovery cycle? Or during support cycle? And whose job is it to ensure the “Customer First” experience?

At Spartan, it begins long before the customer is even a customer. It begins with the core values of our own company. It begins by hiring team members who are deeply passionate about what they do and strive to grow as technology changes. It means that we, as a team, understand our strengths and weaknesses, where we excel beyond the competition, but also where we need to look within to build a better process, learn a new technology, or innovate our own solutions that can stand the test of time. Customer Experience comes from within.

As a team, we work together seamlessly, regardless of job function, regardless of title, regardless of the endless differences in life. As a team, we understand the limits that are placed upon each other. Product works with sales, sales works with operations, operations works with engineering, engineering needs to work with testing, and the list goes on. No one can work in isolation, no one can be successful without the others. That is a core value here at Spartan. We are the best we can be when we work together. We communicate with each other so that we all understand what the goal is, come up with a plan to meet that goal and then execute on it. We have to first be very committed to work as a team.

With this in hand, we bring that experience to the customer. We listen to their needs, map out the long- and short-term goals and create a plan of action to meet those goals. We ensure there are open lines of communications with all stakeholders. And we ensure that we continually adapt to meet your changing needs as your business grows.

Your customer experience begins with Spartan.