A Year at Spartan – Christine Duran

Freedom is the luxury of discipline – Benjamin Franklin

This is the favorite quote of our Senior Director of Product Management, Christine Duran. In our last blog post, we spoke about being a team here at Spartan and Chris is an integral part of that team.

Chris recently completed her first year here at Spartan and we thought it would be good for everyone to get to know her a little more, both personally and professionally. Like most people in our industry, they didn’t plan on being in localization. Chris is no different, starting as a developer and manager in the finance world, she moved into software. She goes on to tell us:

“I was working as a core product PM for an ERP software company when they decided to launch a Japanese product version. They noticed I had a masters in Applied Linguistics so they drafted me to start the localization program. And so began the journey…”

Being veteran in this industry requires passion, and for Chris, it’s when a customer talks to her about a product or feature that really helped to make their job easier and their day more productive. She tells us it’s personally satisfying to free people up to be more creative and less frustrated as they work to achieve their goals. We couldn’t agree more.

Everyone needs some down time and Chris is no different. She enjoys vacationing in Italy or anywhere with a good beach, as she loves the ocean. When not beach going, she enjoys the daily antics of her family’s standard poodles, Sylvie and Sable, who she says make her laugh every day.

In addition, Chris reads constantly and is particularly interested in history of oppressive, totalitarian regimes (Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Cambodia, China, Iran, communist influence in America, etc.). ”I am fascinated with the origins of human depravity.”, Chris says. “We never think anything like what happened in these countries could happen here, but no society is immune from evil and few are vigilant and perceptive enough to see it coming.” To round out her reading she also loves the Bible, systematic theology, great fiction, mysteries & crime novels, ethnography, and economics.

Lastly we asked Chris what it’s been like working here at Spartan for the last year and it’s best to leave this in her own words:

“It has been great. I appreciate being at a company that is truly customer oriented. We always strive to do what is best for the customer. The senior leaders believe in treating both customers and employees with transparency, integrity and respect. They walk the talk.

“It’s also refreshing and fun to work with young engineers who are enthusiastic about their work. Spartan is building up a team and solutions that can truly help customers solve localization problems and get on with running their businesses more effectively.”