Not Just Skating By

Jack Cole, Spartan’s latest hire as a software engineer and a lifelong resident of San Francisco, turns 30 years old this month. While in and of itself that’s not a major life achievement, if you ponder at Jack’s LinkedIn profile, you’ll see that he’s been working for close to 26 years. That in itself is[…]

Be Like Water

As a youngster growing up in Hong Kong, Yan Yu grew to know Bruce Lee, not as the action hero of Kung Fu movies, but as a teacher of life who shared with those willing to listen to some very powerful words of wisdom. There is one quote from Mr. Lee that Yan recites from[…]

Where the Customer Experience Begins

We have all heard on occasion “Customer First” as the calling card of every service company. There are virtually hundreds of slogans out on LinkedIn and Twitter “Customer Focused”, “Customer Centric”, and “Customer Advocacy” just to name a few. These words are sometimes thrown out so often that there is little impact beyond saying them.[…]