Building Workflows that Work

Implementing good workflows involves both art and science. If people were 100% consistent and predictable then maybe science would be enough. Someday soon AI may generate perfect automated workflows, sans humans, and we’ll just collect our basic income and write poetry. Until that day, we’ll need to intelligently leverage workflows to corral our messy selves.[…]

Case Study: Translating Markdown Content at Autodesk

Background Autodesk approached Spartan Software with the requirement to translate markdown content in WorldServer, their translation management system, and needed a filter that could extract text, while leaving markdown and whitespace intact. Markdown content is a simple text representation of HTML that is easily readable and writable by humans and can include embedded HTML. Here’s[…]

Globalization for Scrappy Startups

In recent years, I’ve heard many technology startups described as “scrappy,” so much so that a Meetup called Scrappy Startup was formed in Mountain View with over 3000 members. “Scrappy” is a quality that new ventures aspire to and wear as a badge of honor. Scrappy is fast and pugnacious. Scrappy is being the underdog[…]