Our Services

Spartan is a unique provider of consulting services and technology solutions for globally-focused organizations of all sizes. Our consulting team has decades of global business and technology experience formerly as leaders of globalization, localization, and technology in large enterprises. We understand the demanding requirements of rapidly growing companies that are prime for globalization as well as large and small localization departments. The following are the main areas of our services.

TMS customization

With years of experience deploying and customizing translation management systems for a wide array of clients, Spartan is an ideal partner for any organization getting started with a translation management system. Our experienced consultants can work with your stakeholders to configure and customize all major translation management systems.

In addition to helping with deployment of TMS, Spartan Software can help you evaluate your options, identify gaps in functionality and opportunities for integration.

While Spartan has experience with most major systems, including WorldServer, GlobalSight, ONTRAM, and Memsource, we are not affiliated with any localization technology provider. We do not promote or favor any proprietary solution, so you can count on unbiased advice.

System Integration

Localization is not a stand-alone process. Today’s highly-automated content approach requires comprehensive integrations between content repositories and translation management systems.

Spartan is the localization industry’s leading developer of custom connectors for content and translation management systems. Our team has helped both enterprise and language service provider (LSP) clients seamlessly connect content authoring, localization and in-context review to reduce cost and effort across the entire content organization.

Custom Development

Spartan offers comprehensive consulting and product management services and has extensive experience developing custom systems for business process management, workflow management, quality assurance, in-context review and integration of machine translation.

With a user-focused approach to requirements gathering and development, Spartan can capture the needs of all your stakeholders and deliver an elegant, modern application that is perfectly suited to your needs. Our agile development culture means that your custom tooling can continue to grow and be refined as your organization evolves.

In addition to development, Spartan can also provide ongoing technical support and professional services for any custom-developed product at competitive rates.

Open Source

At Spartan, we believe that open source tools are the key to improving technology in the localization industry. Open source localization tools encourage good use of standards and provide effective alternatives to proprietary or vendor-owned software. We encourage our clients to open source code whenever feasible, and we use open source code in our solutions to lower the cost to our clients. We also contribute to the OSS community through various initiatives such as OKAPI, OKAPI Longhorn, and GlobalSight. Please find our open source projects at https://github.com/spartansw.

Global Readiness Assessments (GRA)

Does your organization have the right people, process, and technology for globalization? We can help you assess that!

We focus on various areas with our clients, such as process optimization, translation management system evaluation, content management system integration, business process management, business analytics, vendor interaction, potential use of Machine Translation, language quality evaluation, and content and language structures such as iSEO.

We organize readiness evaluations around three areas – Global Strategy, Execution and Delivery, and Technology Enablement.