Consulting and Technology to Grow Your Business Globally

Spartan is a unique provider of consulting services and technology solutions for globally-focused organizations of all sizes.

What We Do

Spartan offers a wide range of consulting services and technology solutions for globally-focused organizations of all sizes.
The following are the main areas of our services.

TMS Customization

Custom Components, workflow customization for all major translation management systems.

System Integration

Connect your translation management system to your CMS or other content repository.

Custom Development

Can’t find a product that suits your organization’s unique needs? Have Spartan build it for you!

Open Source

Learn more about Spartan’s contributions to the open source localization community.

Global Readiness Assessment

Does your organization have the right people, process, and technology for globalization? We can help you assess that!

Content and Linguistic Consulting

Need best-practice on global content development? We can help by bringing years of operational experience at large enterprises!


Daniel Sullivan

Director, Localization, Tableau Software

“The partnership Tableau enjoys with Spartan enables us to customize WorldServer to support our expanding localization infrastructure. And when possible, we’re happy to contribute some of our work to the open source community through Spartan as well. We’re off to a great start and look forward to a continuing fruitful partnership.”

Phil Ritchie


“Spartan engineered software components are part of our business critical infrastructure. A three year partnership built on technical craftsmanship and reliability.”

Marco Trombetti

CEO, Translated

“Spartan provided us with the much needed Okapi expertise. We also see Spartan as a long-term business and technology partner.”

Heidi Depraetere

Director, CrossLang NV

“Spartan is a trusted business and technology partner. We know we can always count on them!”

Smith Yewell

CEO, Welocalize

“Spartan is a fantastic partner whom you can trust. They executed on time and on budget in a variety of projects for us. I would highly recommend them.”

Jaap van der Meer

Owner, TAUS

“We have partnered with Spartan since its very beginning in 2009 when they helped us build the TAUS Data Cloud. Recently Spartan also supports TAUS with developing plug-ins for the Dynamic Quality Framework. TAUS is very pleased with the professional and expert support from Spartan.”

Marc Noble

Program Manager, Knowledge Centered Services

"Our team was asked to implement a worldwide knowledge sharing program for over 2000 support technicians in 27 countries, and also provide a Customer Self-Help portal. The only way we could accomplish this was to have a connector that would capture all new and/or edited content, in multiple languages housed in multiple instances of CMS, prepare, schedule and manage the translation process, then re-package and import content into multiple language sites. This would have been impossible without the help of Spartan software and their development team.

Our Team

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Daniel Chin

Chief Operating Officer
With more than a decade of consulting experience, Daniel brings a wealth of technical project management, business strategy, and localization experience to Spartan. Offering a rare blend of technology and business strengths, Daniel delivers the best solutions for success to our customers.
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Ben Cornelius

Senior Director, Global Consulting
Three decades of global business management, operations, content design, globalization, localization and management experience across start-ups, small business and large enterprise environments enabling organizations of any size to reach global markets.
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Christine Duran

Senior Director, Client Services
Experienced leader in international product management, translation technology and localization. Specialties: Product Management, Partner Alliances, Localization, Globalization, Internationalization, Technical Team management
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Ryan Heller-Fulscher

Software Engineer
Professional full stack developer and language hobbyist enjoying the localization industry. Helps build tools at Spartan that make localization more efficient. Interests include API design, Chinese character etymology, and hiking. Speaks Mandarin, Japanese, and English.
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Kuro Kurosaka

Software Engineer
Software engineer specialized in internationalization (i18n), localization (l10n), Ntural Language Processing (NLP), and search technology such as Solr. Kuro speaks English and Japanese and have worked in both U.S. and Japan.
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Engineering Manager
Full stack software development and experienced localization tool builder. Kevin leads all our engineering projects at Spartan.
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Sabine Rioufol

Senior Director, Localization Strategies
Twenty-five years in the localization industry, as an acclaimed French freelance translator and interpreter, Sr. Translation Manager, 14 + years at eBay managing a team of traditional and MT proficient linguists, and co-management position in the Women in Localization Silicon Valley Chapter.
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Trent Wood

Senior Director, Client Services
Software product and project leadership. Creative ideation and roadmap development. Organization of teams and tasks, driving projects to completion and pushing through obstacles. Strong analytical and problem solving skills. Dedicated to satisfying my customers requirements.
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Founder & CEO
Yan has been in the localization industry since year 2000 as a software engineer, consultant, and business manager. Yan founded Spartan in 2008 to build a highly adaptable company that is based on the core principles of Reliable (People), Scalable (Process), and Cost-Effective (Technology).

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