Machine Translation wasn’t born in one day…

In today’s world, everyone talks about Artificial Intelligence and Localization teams have the same question on their minds “What about MT”? Everybody wants to leverage the latest MT algorithms built in NMT (Neural Machine Translation), by Google, Microsoft, Amazon or Deepl just to name a few. Today, travelers, companies or consumers buying products abroad rely[…]

Globalization for Scrappy Startups

In recent years, I’ve heard many technology startups described as “scrappy,” so much so that a Meetup called Scrappy Startup was formed in Mountain View with over 3000 members. “Scrappy” is a quality that new ventures aspire to and wear as a badge of honor. Scrappy is fast and pugnacious. Scrappy is being the underdog[…]

Are You Considering In-House Development?

Every company has its own unique software needs, and it is becoming increasingly common for companies to forego commercial solutions and build their own. While it has become simpler from a technological standpoint to build custom platforms, the process of planning and executing remain human endeavors that can go wildly off the rails. If you’re[…]